Monday, December 14, 2009's not just a dessert at Dairy Queen.

Thunderstorm Warning. CHECK. Flood Warning. CHECK. Tornado Warning. CHECK. Blizzard Warning. Wait...never been under one of those kind of warnings before! Last week, parts of Wisconsin were hit with one of the worst Winter Storms in 15 years. A Blizzard, in fact. De Pere, the town where Matt and I live, recorded over 14 inches of snow! Matt and I were ready to head to the local Wal-Mart, stock up on Rotel, Velveeta and Brownie mix and hole up in our apartment for a few days. But...that is not how they do it here in "the bay." Matt and I actually worked on the worst day of the Blizzard! Needless to say, last week was an EXPERIENCE for us both. Here are just a few pictures of the biggest snowstorm WE have ever been in (the last one is from the Green Bay Gamblers Hockey game that we went to on Saturday night)! Oh, and it has snowed 3 more inches today! Crazy Life!