Thursday, January 27, 2011

The last few (months and months) in review....

So much has happened in the last few (months and months)! Below are just a few pictures of what has been going on with us!

Our first ultrasound picture of Baby Shelby!

My sister had a baby! Sweet John Reynolds was born in November! This is his recent two month picture. Love.

My sister-in-law had a baby too! Precious Graham was born in November as well! He is so sweet!

The Boys! This is a picture of my nephews, Drew and Ben when we were home for Christmas! Drew said, " I haven't seen you in so long," when he hugged me and I cried! Love these two boys with all my heart.

A pic of me and my dear friend Brooke at a Bachelorette Party in October!

Erin, Matthew John and Matthew Bradford. Erin and Matt came to visit us in October for the Packers vs. Lions Game!

Matt and I at the tailgate before the game! It was so fun!

A picture of our sweet, FIRST friends in Green Bay, Rob and Michelle, after a hike at Lake Superior in Upper Michigan. We love them!